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ePublishing is the NEW publishing option for debut and established authors alike. Whether you've never published a word, or have a huge backlist of books, ePublishing offers a fresh and easy pathway between writers and readers. The time of waiting years to see your words reach potential readers is a vestige of the Twentieth Century. Today's publishing can take your manuscript from author to reader in a flash. Your next title can be snapped up by readers directly to their Kindle, Nook, tablet, or phone with a single click.

And print books are as easy as uploading your book block. Your printed book can be available for shipping in a matter of weeks, or can be printed on demand at thousands of kiosks around the world. There is no reason to spend another day searching for agents or publishers to take on your book when you can self publish with ease. Let Underground Press Publishing show you the way!

Contact us today and learn how you can navigate the new frontier of Indie Publishing. We offer everything you'll need: from simple, free advice to complete publishing services--as much, or as little, as you need to get your words to your readers. Don't let your manuscript collect another layer of dust. Your readers are waiting! Contact Underground Press Publishing today.